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Comfortable waiting area:

  • Patients can enjoy a comfortable home-like seating area, while waiting
  • Patients generally have a short wait time for appointments.
  • Sleep study patients will watch a short video regarding the sleep study process upon arrival.

Patient Lounge:

  • Patients that will be staying for an MSLT will be able to relax in our patient lounge.

Shower Room:

  • Sleep Center of Lima has two shower rooms available for patients who wish to leave for work directly after study.
  • Both showers are handicap accessible.

Sleep Suites:

  • Sleep center of Lima offers 8 suites equipped with comfortable full size beds and private bathrooms

Clinic Room:

  • Sleep Center of Lima Offers for clinic rooms for patients to have time to express their sleep concerns with the physician.
  • Appointments available 3 days a week.

Hook up Process:

  • Patients will go through a short, non-invasive process for hook-up.
  • These wires are to monitor your sleep, breathing, heart, limb movements and snoring.
  • Patients will have wires attached to head area, chest and legs.

PAP Therapy:

  • For patients that are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, PAP therapy is the treatment of choice.
  • PAP therapy is non-invasive.


  • Technicians monitor patients throughout the sleep study.
  • Technicians will watch for sleep stages, breathing patterns, heart rhythms, snoring, oxygen level and limb movements.
  • Patient’s sleep physician will review each sleep study.

Control Room:

  • Control room is located in the center of the sleep suite’s for easy access to patients needs and equipped with voice intercom
  • This is the area where technicians will be monitoring patients during the studies.